Welcome to The Atlanta Tortoise



I’m Larry Felton Johnson, publisher of the Atlanta Tortoise.  We will make our official debut in the summer of this year.

The Atlanta Tortoise, like its reptilian namesake, does not move quickly.  You won’t find breaking news here.  If you want news on a 24 hour cycle, delivered in short bursts, turn on CNN.  Our motto is “Slow News is the Best News”.    We’ll launch when we have enough high quality content to fill one monthly issue.  Slow news is the best news.

Our goal is to cover a few important local stories, in depth, over time.  As we build our readership, and our revenue, we’ll add more ongoing stories, slowly but surely.

You won’t find coverage of college or professional sports here, at least not initially.  You will find columns on participatory sports like running and cycling.  You may find climate news here, but you won’t find a local daily weather forecast.  Other sites are better equipped to handle both sports and weather.

The best way to describe what we’ll be doing is explanatory journalism.  Explanatory journalism takes a newsworthy story, provides the background necessary for readers to understand the meaning and impact of the story, and continues covering that story over time.

Our area of focus is the original five county area  of metro Atlanta: Clayton, Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett.

We are not the Atlanta Journal-Consitution (and never will be), and we are not Creative Loafing (and never will be).

My own area of focus will be local environmental issues, Atlanta history, and local government.  The two subjects I’m tackling for the first issue are the environmental impact of single-use plastic on the local environment,  and the history and demolition of an elementary school in southeast Atlanta.

That sums up our purpose and our approach.

We are local, we explain carefully, and we move slowly.  Welcome to the Tortoise.


Larry Felton Johnson worked in information technology for 20 years. After retirement he became the world's oldest journalism undergraduate, or at least he feel's like he is the oldest. He lives in Atlanta, and is editor and publisher of the Atlanta Tortoise.

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